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PurePower Technologies is introducing a new turbocharger for light-duty trucks. Turbocharged might be an apt description for the Midlands company’s recent performance.
Always a solid performer as part of multi billion-dollar global companies, the truck parts manufacturer has flourished in the year since it was spun off. It’s now a S120 million company by itself, according to Gerald Sweetland, president and chief executive.
“I think we’ve built a really solid foundation for growth,” he says. “It’s a new chapter for PurePower and we expect it to end positively.”
In February 2016, a deal was announced in which Navistar Inc. would sell PurePower Technologies to a pair of private equity firms. PPT, operating independently, would  then take on Navistar as one of its primary customers.
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The growth of PurePower Technologies

PurePower Technologies:

The Power of Precision

PurePower Technologies is an independent supplier of diesel fuel injection systems to OEMs and the aftermarket. We don’t just assemble parts. We solve complex thermal, mechanical and hydraulic challenges using robust experimental data and over 100 combined years of experience in materials engineering.